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Tubularia Marine Art Print - Sea Botanicals Illustration - Antique Style Wall Art - Museum Quality

This giclée of one of our antique encyclopedia lithographs comes from a series of sea life prints from a very talented artist. They’ve done a bunch of my absolute favorites, transforming what might be rather mundane-looking organisms into well-rendered and enticing art forms. In my research, it turns out that this particular species’s only natural predator is a very colorful sea slug – maybe you can add one yourself for accuracy.

➳ extensive, curated selection of rare prints
➳ professional high-res scanning
➳ color adjustment based on the original from our archive
➳ 200+gsm German fine art paper
➳ best archival pigments available (fade-proof for 70+ years)

Please be aware that slight color variation due to monitor differences can occur.

All images © Discover Prints

Materials: low acid heavyweight cotton paper,archival pigments

Incl. VAT. excl. shipping costs
Delivery time: approx. 5-10 days